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Outdoor Wood Boiler Tips

The Best Wood Types For Outside Boilers

Posted - 01/30/2012
An outdoor wood boiler can heat your home for a fraction of the cost of electricity. However, it is important to use the right type of wood in your boiler to reduce emissions. The best type of woods for outside boilers are hardwoods. Hardwoods, such as beech, maple and oak, should be cut and split before they are used. The wood ...

How To Test The Water On An Outdoor Wood Boiler

Posted - 01/30/2012
It is essential that you maintain the correct pH and nitrite levels within the water of your outdoor wood boiler. You should use the test kit that came with the boiler to check these levels. Untreated water will cause the boiler to rust prematurely. Collect a sample and dip a pH strip into the water. Compare the color change on...

How To Change The Door Rope On An Outdoor Wood Boiler

Posted - 01/30/2012
Few pieces of hardware are as traditional as a door rope. Made from one or more pieces of rope, it is a length of rope knotted at both ends. The two rope ends are inserted into holes in the door and knotted on the other side. Some ropes are braided while others are several lengths of rope covered with leather; the ends are kno...
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